C’mon Summer – We Miss You.

Holy Cow – where is the new year going… I know we sure are tired of the rain!! Transport has already brought us over 165 moms and puppies. We typically adopt out about 100 puppies a year, but it’s not even three full months of 2017 and we have over 50 dogs in new homes. At this rate we will be doing 200+ adoptions – WOW. The senior program has already done amazing work, relocating relinquished ‘old dogs’ into foster, final refuge and even adoptions. Event season is starting and we are putting up fun things to do on our event page.

This year we have also made a decision – Scrub-A-Mutt the Event is no more. An event like that takes 8+ months of planning and between wanting to do a bunch of local events, and rescue transports every other weekend, we think our time can be spent more effectively in smaller, more frequent events than one big one. But stay tuned, the dog washing might not be totally gone, we have some thoughts about a mini-Scrub later this summer at another event.

And, as always, visit our Facebook page for adoptable pets, our favorite causes and events.