Your dollars save lives!

Every day there are thousands of puppies and dogs that have a very short period of time to be rescued, and the odds are not good.  Save-A-Mutt is so proud that we are working with caring volunteers from shelters and rescues up and down the Pacific Coast – trying to save as many we can. From getting Senior dogs in shelters groomed and looking their best; to helping rehome dogs found on Craig’s List; to transporting litters of moms and puppies from high kill shelters to safety in Washington State, we use every dollar to help save lives.

Prison Break Puppies

The come from a listing on a website with hundreds of dogs, no name, very basic information…

GSD baby

…to an 18 hour drive from Los Angeles, CA to Marysville, WA…

Crate GSD

…to a new home – vaccinated, spayed/neutered and SAFE!  Just the cost of getting them from California to Washington is approximately $100 per dog!  That does not count vaccines or their spay/neuter surgery.  

EVERY dollar donated helps save lives!