Adoptions & Fostering

‘Hero Dog’ Puppies

One Save-A-Mutt passion is ‘Prison Break Puppies’ – rescuing and transporting Moms and Puppies from high-kill California shelters.  From the pullers who walk the cage lined shelters; to the transport teams that drive them from California and Texas to Seattle; to our shelter partners who provide quarantine, fostering and vet care – it takes an amazing group working together. Of course, this all costs a great deal of money.  Just the rescue and transport costs can be over $100 per dog.  With fundraisers, adoptions and donations we are able to save hundreds of dogs each year. These adopted puppies to become Hero Dogs, their adoption fees go back into the fund for rescuing more dogs – making them Heroes!

Senior Dogs

“It takes a long time for a soul to become this sweet.” That’s what we think about our Senior dogs. Save-A-Mutt is so proud to be able to help assist our area shelters and rescues find wonderful homes for seniors. Adopting a senior dog is so rewarding, and takes a very special home, a very special heart. Read more about our senior dog assistance on our Emma’s Fund page.

Adoption Process

Save-A-Mutt posts our dogs on PetFinder and sometimes on Facebook  – So you see a dog you want to adopt… Here’s how it works:

1)  Fill out our online adoption application – button below. (Still want the PDF to download, click here.)

2)  After we receive your application, we will review. We will be in touch with additional questions and conduct a phone interview. Remember, this can take a few days. Please let your references know we will be emailing or calling them.

Remember – our goal is to place dogs in a FOREVER home… and as such we have certain criteria we look for to ensure this.  We are a 100% Volunteer organization and application review takes time, please, if you adopt elsewhere, let us know so we can move onto the next application.  Don’t forget, your “adoption donation” may be tax deductible as we are a 501c3.


Foster Homes Too!

As Save-A-Mutt grows, we need foster homes. Fostering can be a rewarding experience, it can be hard work, but what a joy to help get a dog to it’s new forever home. If you live in the Snohomish County area, have a safe, indoor place for dogs to stay, and have a flexible schedule – we are looking for fosters for a variety of dogs, including puppies, adults and seniors. Download our foster application, send it to us and we may be calling on you to help save a life.